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Unearthing Mysteries: Christof’s Encounter with Pig Bones on Mission Declassified

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DISCOVERY MIssion Declassified

As a step in the audio post production process, Buttons Sound recently had the privilege of capturing Christof Putzel’s captivating narration for an episode of Mission Declassified on The Travel Channel. The show delved into the historical search for a 1920s gangster’s elusive hideout.

As Christof shared his experiences during the episode audio post recording, a particularly intriguing tale emerged…

During his investigative journey, Christof found himself at the site of an occupied home, where homeowners graciously allowed excavation in their basement. As the team dug deeper into the historical layers, they encountered unexpected resistance. The stumbling block turned out to be a bone, resembling that of a human leg.



The atmosphere became charged with tension as Christof, understandably, freaked out at the sight of this startling discovery. The bone was promptly sent for analysis, and the team anxiously awaited the results. A few weeks later, the revelation came—an unexpected twist. The bone belonged to a pig.

The historical context was both eerie and fascinating. It turned out that gangsters in the 1920s had a cunning strategy for disposing of their victims. They would bury the bodies alongside pig bones, a clever ruse to mislead investigators and conceal their crimes. The discovery sent shivers down everyone’s spines, emphasizing the clandestine methods employed by these elusive figures.


In a peculiar parallel, another episode of Mission Declassified recounted a similar discovery of pig bones, which the police initially thought were human. Pigs, notorious for consuming everything, bones included, were sometimes enlisted by the mafia for body disposal—an unsettling reality that gave rise to the cautionary saying, “Never trust a man with a pig farm.”

Christof’s encounter with pig bones adds a chilling layer to the mysteries uncovered in Mission Declassified, showcasing the intricate web of secrets woven into the history of organized crime. The journey of unearthing the past is never without its surprises, and Buttons Sound is honored to be a part of sharing these gripping narratives with the world, recording and delivering audio post production from NYC.

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