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Buttons NY

“Great voice recording is about the microphone. The preamp, and, most importantly, mic placement, as directed by the engineer and controlled by the talent.”

Voice-Over Recording

At Buttons Sound Inc., we are honored to be recognized as the leading voice recording studio in New York City. Our skilled team provides a range of audio post-production services customized to meet the diverse needs of the entertainment industry. Whether it’s editing, mixing, or mastering, our voice editing studio is your one-stop destination for impeccable audio improvement and exceptional sound precision.

Voice-Over Recording: An Overview

Voice-over mixing is a crucial step in audio post-production, specifically in creating an impeccable final product. It requires the use of various tools and techniques to carefully balance voice tracks with other audio elements, such as music and sound effects. At our studio, we offer premium voice-over mixing services that seamlessly combine audio components for an immersive final product.

Our experts use cutting-edge technology to ensure that every audio aspect of a project is perfectly balanced and synchronized. We carefully mix dialogue and voice effects to maximize clarity and intelligibility while maintaining an appropriate level of ambiance. This method of voice recording also involves adjusting levels and equalization to highlight the strengths of the voice-over performance.

In conclusion, voice editing is a vital aspect of audio post-production services. Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring that every project element is elaborate and systematically composed. This results in a final product that captures the requirements of the client’s needs.

Our Services

Broadcast VO / Edit/ Recording

Our team expertly crafts and mixes voiceovers for broadcast projects, ensuring top-quality audio for engaging and professional content.

Narration VO / Recording / Edit / Mixing

We specialize in narrating, editing, and mixing voiceovers to bring your stories and scripts to life with precision.

Radio Production

We provide comprehensive radio production services, including voiceover, sound editing, and mixing for impactful and compelling broadcasts.

Telephone VO

We deliver clear and professional voiceover recordings tailored specifically for telephone systems and customer communication.

On Hold VO

Our custom on-hold voiceover services ensure a professional and engaging experience for callers waiting on the line.

Streaming Audio First

With a focus on quality and innovation, our VO recording studio prioritizes streaming audio for a seamless and immersive listener experience.

Why Choose Buttons Sound Inc.?

1. Transition to Digital Technology
Moving from traditional analog recording, we have adopted cutting-edge digital technologies, allowing us to utilize advanced spotting and cueing systems for impeccable audio recordings.
2. Global Recognition
Our audio post-production expertise has made us industry leaders, trusted by top professionals for projects ranging from independent works to major studio films.
3. Remote Access Innovation
We have pioneered remote access and control software applications, ensuring seamless and high-quality recording processes, even when working remotely.
At Buttons Sound Inc., we are committed to utilizing innovative technology to provide exceptional results for our clients. Contact us and visit our voice-over recording studio.

Recent Voice-Over Recording Projects