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“When casting, quantity equals quality. The more people you hear read your script, the better your voice recording will be.”

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At Buttons Sound Inc., we are dedicated to being the premier destination for voice casting services in New York City. Our team of professionals excels in delivering top-notch voice talent solutions tailored to the entertainment industry’s diverse needs. From voice-over auditions to voice-acting auditions, we offer a comprehensive range of services to elevate your projects with excellence and creativity.

Voice-Over Casting: An Overview

Voice-over casting is a crucial aspect of audio production for various mediums such as film, TV, and animation. It involves selecting and recording talented voice actors to bring characters and narratives to life. Our agency provides comprehensive voice casting services, ensuring every voice complements the production professionally and artfully.

In the early days of voice auditions, casting involved extensive auditions and manual recording processes. Today, technological advancements have streamlined the casting process, allowing for remote auditions and specialized voice recording sessions. Our agency offers voice audition services, including audition coordination, talent selection, and studio recording sessions, all aimed at delivering top-quality voice performances for our clients.

Voice actor casting often occurs in professional recording studios equipped with state-of-the-art technology to capture the nuances of voice performances. The casting process involves meticulous review and selection of the best voice actors to ensure a perfect fit for the characters and requirements of production.

In conclusion, VO casting plays a vital role in shaping the audio landscape of various media productions. Our agency is committed to providing exceptional voice audition solutions that elevate every project’s storytelling and audience engagement.

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Brand: Discover Card

Date: 3/7/23
Casting Expiration: 3/10/23
Distribution: Online Connected TV

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We are committed to achieving excellence as a voice casting agency through groundbreaking technologies and an unwavering dedication to quality. Choose Buttons Sound Inc. for your audio post-production needs and discover the difference that our innovation and expertise can make.

Buttons Sound Inc. is a premier  Voice casting agency located in New York City. Contact our team of professionals today for quality voice talent solutions.

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