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How Rich and Kevin’s Journey Began: A Tale from the World of Radio Parodies

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Radio Super Jocks: Scott Shanon, Rick Dees, John Landers

How long has Rich known Kevin?


Picture this: In 1987, the airwaves were buzzing with radio parodies, and our hero, Rich, was the maestro behind the madness. Armed with creativity and a touch of audacity, he set up the Itty Bitty Studio in a closet-sized space at 630 Ninth Avenue. Yes, you read that right—a studio so small it could fit in your pocket.






In this musical haven, Rich concocted radio gold, crafting parodies for the likes of top entertainers such as Rick Dees, Scott Shanon, and John Landers. These weren’t just any parodies; they were the cream of the crop, the hottest hits of the moment, all spruced up by Rich’s genius tracks, produced vocals, and final mixes.

Now, let’s throw a curveball into this mix of musical mayhem. Enter Michael Bacon, who ended up renting the room next door. Fate, as ever, brought Michael and Rich together, kicking off a partnership that would add a sweet musical underscore to documentary films seen on PBS.


Michael Bacon

One day, while jamming out in the creative chaos of Itty Bitty Studios, Michael asked Rich to help with demo recordings for songs he was co-writing with his brother, the one and only Kevin.

Fast forward to today, and Rich and Kevin are not just recording for EE UK campaigns; they’re doing it in style, digitally connected to Saatchi in London. The adventures continue, the beats keep dropping, and the bond between Rich and Kevin remains as tight as ever.

Rich even helped Kevin on his indie film short, “Until” that he and Jira produced during covid 19 pandemic. Rich not just handles sound, but supervised VFX with Mechanic NY, as well as Color Grading and final delivery. The film earned Rich a TOP SHORTS festival award for Sound Design.

The world of Itty Bitty Studios turned Buttons Sound, where friendships are forged, tunes are crafted, and the audio post production never stops.



We work together recording for EE UK campaigns all the time digitally connected to Saatchi in London.

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