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“You’ve Gotta Watch My Car” – A Tracy Morgan Tale

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One of my more interesting experiences was the day we were to record Tracy Morgan for the new Twilight Zone series.

Step into the curious world of recording audio post production of Tracy Morgan for the new Twilight Zone series, where an unexpected adventure unfolds on the streets.

The excitement began when Tracy Morgan, behind the wheel of a spectacular SUV-type Lamborghini, pulled up to our studio. As John, our producer eagerly greeted him, he couldn’t help but notice the illegal parking spot Tracy chose across the street. The Lamborghini was already turning heads, attracting a crowd armed with cell phones ready to capture the moment.

In the midst of the bustling street scene, Tracy looked at me with a serious expression and exclaimed, “You’ve got to watch my car!” Initially, I thought he might be joking, but it became apparent he was genuinely concerned. The task of guarding this prized Lamborghini fell upon John as John assured

Tracy, “Sure, I’ll keep an eye on it.”

For the next 20 minutes, while Rich was ADR dubbing Tracy in the audio post facility inside, I played the role of guardian, shooing away curious onlookers and keeping a lookout for potential traffic police. The scene resembled a blend of showbiz glamour and street-side vigilance.

When Tracy returned, happily strolling across the street, John still had his paperwork in hand. He graciously signed, uttered a casual “Thanks, kid,” and continued his merry way. John couldn’t help but wonder what would have transpired if a traffic cop had appeared since Tracy hadn’t handed over the keys for a potential relocation. Fortunately, all ended well, leaving us with a memorable audio post production tale from the day Tracy Morgan brought his unique flair to our recording studio.


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