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Buttons NY


Creative Services

Dialogue Editing
Dialogue Denoise / Repair
Dialogue ADR Spotting / Recording / Editing
Sound Effects Backgrounds Editing
Sound Effects Events Editing
Sound Design Fights, Crashes, Monsters, Syfy, Horror
Music Editing
Foley Recording and Editing
Broadcast / 5.1 Dolby Surround Mixing
LTRT Downmixing Deliverable

Sound DNA
Sound Logo
Brand Voice
Custom Soundtracks
Music Productions
Sound Interfaces UX/UI
Event Sounds
On Hold Soundtracks

Digital Channels
TV & Radio
Mobile APPS
Product Interfaces
Brand Events
Store & Showrooms
Fairs & Exhibitions
Customer Support
Corporate Workplace

Broadcast VO / Edit / Mixing
Narration VO / Edit / Mixing
Radio Production

Voice Editing
Sound Design
Stock Music
Music Editing, Licensing

Telephone VO
On Hold VO
Streaming Audio First

Television Ads
Radio Ads
Digital Online Media
Video Narration
Video Games


10 ADR Booth Stages
Dubbing Anime
ADR Post-Production
Remote ADR Recording
ADR Mixing
ADR Subtitling
Dubbing Foreign Language

Script Translations
Script Adaptations
EdiPrompt Streamers
EdiCue Spotting
EdiCue Cue Sheets
Source Nexus HQ
Remote IN Sync

Podcast Casting & Coordination
Podcast Remote connectivity.
Podcast Editing / Final Production
Audiobooks 24/7 Recording
Audiobooks Realtime Back up recorders
Audiobook Sound Design
Audiobook Editing
Audiobook Mastering