...helping audiences ``get`` your story_the first time.
...after all, you only have one chance to make a memory.


sound and color finishing house in Midtown, NY,

PUSHING YOUR VISION to it’s best finish.


      • Recording, editing, mixing & color grading from our facility, OR remotely.
      • Reviewing final delivery in a minimally staffed, sanitized room, OR remotely. 
      • With In-room, safe-distanced personnel, OR Remote Creative Technician.


Buttons’ specialized experts simplify the sound and color finishing process, with efficient workflows and vertical ideas from a tenacious, innovative point of view, disrupting your expectations, elevating your vision.



Rich Macar came to New York with a Synclavier and started solving creative problems on tight schedules and tight budgets – for projects like Steven King’s Maximum Overdrive and the haunting music-box scene in Francis Ford Coppola’s Peggy Sue Got Married.


That was 1985 at Sound One NY.



Because Rich could already see the digital future – the highest quality sound at the fastest pace – he was one of the first NYC digital sound innovators.


So by 1986 he had founded Buttons Sound.



push your vision