" The simple solution for a complex problem,

where films are born. "

BUTTONS is where films are born,

in the sound and color finishing house in Midtown, NY,


PUSHING YOUR VISION to it’s best finish.


Specialized experts simplify the sound and color finishing process, with efficient workflows and vertical ideas from a tenacious, innovative point of view, disrupting your expectations, elevating your vision.

We are pleased to announce that ButtonsNY is an approved post facility that meets the Covid-19 Protection Guidelines of SAG/AFTRA

      • Recording, editing, mixing & color grading from our facility, OR remotely.
      • Reviewing final delivery in a minimally staffed, sanitized room, OR remotely. 
      • With In-room, safe-distanced personnel, OR Remote Creative Technician.



Rich Macar came to New York with a Synclavier and started solving creative problems on tight schedules and tight budgets – for projects like Steven King’s Maximum Overdrive and the haunting music-box scene in Francis Ford Coppola’s Peggy Sue Got Married.


That was 1985 at Sound One NY.



Because Rich could already see the digital future – the highest quality sound at the fastest pace – he was one of the first NYC digital sound innovators.


So by 1986 he had founded Buttons Sound.

push your vision