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Buttons NY


About Us


In 1985, the original seed that took root in NYC as Buttons was Rich, arriving from Florida with his new wife, Amy. This relocation included his brother Alex’s expensive investment in New England Digital’s Synclavie.

Armed with unparalleled creativity, he spearheaded the introduction of digital technology to Sound One, the leading audio post-production facility on the East Coast. Rich’s pioneering work included sound design for iconic films like “Maximum Overdrive,” directed by Stephen King and produced by Dino DeLaurentis, as well as performing John Barry’s love theme on the digital sample patch Rich created on the Synclavier for Francis Ford Coppola’s, “Peggy Sue Got Married.” Rich’s dedication and innovation transformed his sound design career trajectory.


By 1987, Rich Macar emerged as a visionary, and despite his groundbreaking contributions, Rich faced resistance in traditional studios due to his efficient use of digital tools. Rich went on to beta test and develop the practical applications of new digital technologies, representing Spectral Synthesis’s first 16-track Digital Audio Workstation.

Undeterred, he founded Buttons Sound, becoming a trailblazer in digital audio post-production. Rich collaborated with artists like Michael Bacon, producing sound for documentary films showcased on PBS, as well as arranging and producing syndicated radio content for Dave Kolin’s Pro Media distributions to leading radio jocks like Scott Shannon in NYC, Rick Dees in Los Angeles, and John Landers in Texas.


By 1991-2001, Buttons Sound soon became synonymous with excellence, producing the sound designs and soundscapes for 26 video game stations with 3M for the SONY Wonder Museum in NYC. This led Buttons to work with Tom Pomposello on a 176 promo spot campaign for the USA Cartoon Express, as well as attract Anime audio post projects that led to producing the first season of the iconic Pokémon for 4Kids Productions. Rich delivered 52 30-minute episodes in 6 months with 3 Spectral digital Multitrack systems, the first VMOD100 Digital Hard Disk Player, a 6-man team, and rotating 34 removable hard drives.


Buttons Sound, born from dedication and innovation, now stands as the largest NYC audio capture facility and a sonic branding agency in New York City. As sound pioneers in the digital realm, Buttons Sound continues to lend its expertise to esteemed projects, from feature films like John Wick, episodic streaming series like American Dynasty, as well as sonic branding for brands like Estee Lauder, Michael Kors, and La Mer, as well as retailers like Southwest and ShopRite. Today, our latest endeavor, Sonic Branding, reflects our unwavering commitment to innovation, excellence, and the joyous celebration of sound in an ever-growing culture of audio-first customers.


Creative Director, Sound Designer, Editor, Adr Mixer, Re-Recording Mixer, Founder, Chief Engineer
Highly skilled creative audio post executive with extensive experience in sound production, streaming media strategy, business management, operations leadership, sound design, sound engineering, post production, and digital media, supported by a strong technical and musical background. Talented coach, mentor and instructor, building high performing teams and conveying information and techniques effectively. Exceptional communicator, engaging stakeholders to produce cutting-edge audiovisual products and achieve impressive business objectives. Innovative producer, drafting workflows and production specifications that translate into the highest quality recording.


Producer, Adr Coordinator, Facility Manager, Enginner
John Boyle has been a producer and facility manager for 35 years at various New York recording studios (12 EAST RECORDING, SOUND PATROL, TABBY SOUND, and BUTTONS NY). John has personally supervised the production and distribution of thousands of radio and television ads over the years, including the national ESTEE LAUDER radio account since 1980.