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What started it all

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Rich took the First Digital Synclavier into SOUND ONE, the #1 NYC Film Audio Post Production Facility in 1986


From Tampa to NYC:

Rich’s Journey into the Heart of Film Audio Post Production. In the bustling cityscape of New York City, dreams are woven into the fabric of its streets, and opportunities abound for those willing to take the leap. This is precisely what Rich, and his wife did when they packed their lives into 10 boxes and embarked on a journey from Tampa to the city that never sleeps. Little did Rich know that this move would set the stage for an incredible career in audio post production, with an unexpected encounter that would change everything.

Upon arriving in New York City, Rich found himself at Sound One, the number one audio post production facility in the metropolis.
It was here that he would collaborate with his brother, Alex, Chris Hyams-Hart and none other than the legendary Stephen King on the film “Maximum Overdrive.”

We were under the Sound Supervision of Greg Sheldon.

Working alongside the iconic author and the acclaimed Evan Lottman, Rich found himself with his digital innovation immersed in a world of creativity and passion.

One day, an unexpected knock-on Rich’s door would alter the course of his burgeoning career. A man in need presented Rich with a unique challenge — to digitally create and perform a music box capable of playing John Barry’s Love Theme in just two weeks. With limited time on his hands, Rich accepted the challenge, setting the wheels of fate in motion. Armed with determination, Rich scoured the streets of NYC in search of the perfect music boxes to sample digitally.

His nights were spent dismantling them, recording digital sound samples, and rushing to Sound One in the early morning hours. Balancing this endeavor with two jobs, Rich was driven by passion and the desire to prove himself in the competitive world of audio film production.

One night, around 3 am,

Rich, recording digital samples at Clinton Recording, stumbled upon a remarkable waveform on the computer. Excitement coursed through him as he played the Love Theme into the New England Digital Synclavier, realizing he had found the missing piece to the puzzle.

With the clock ticking, Rich contacted the man who had presented the challenge. The meeting took place at 2 pm the next day, and Rich nervously played a clip featuring the Love Theme. The man’s silence was palpable, but then came the words that would change everything: “Excellent.” Francis Ford Coppola himself, a legend in the film industry, had given Rich his approval; In less than a year of arriving in NYC, Rich’s career trajectory took an unexpected turn.

The music box featuring the Love Theme, created and performed by Rich, made its way into the film, solving Francis Ford Coppola’s problem and catapulting Rich into the world of audio post production. This moment marked the beginning of Buttons Sound, Rich’s venture that would go on to make waves in the NYC audio post production industry



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