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    • Elevating Estée Lauder’s Presence: A Sonic Symphony by Buttons Sound


    Customer: Estee Lauder

    Company: Estee Lauder

    Industry: Commercial

    Buyer Persona: Brand Producer / Writer Director

    Author: Rich Macar

    Due Date: 12/1998

    Publish Date: 11/1/23.


    Commercial TV Spot Audio Post Production

    Casting, record, edit, stock music options, final delivery


    • Estée Lauder, a global powerhouse in prestige beauty, has been a beacon of transformative products and experiences, inviting consumers worldwide to embrace their unique beauty. With a focus on prestige makeup, skincare, fragrance, and hair care, Estée Lauder boasts a diverse portfolio of brands celebrated in approximately 150 countries. Grounded in a legacy of creativity and innovation, the company continues the bold work of its founder, Estée Lauder.




  • Why Estee Lauder Chose Buttons Sound


    • Estée Lauder’s pursuit of excellence led them to Buttons Sound Inc., a renowned innovator in sound advertising with a 30+ year legacy in NYC. With a richhistory of producing hundreds of radio advertisements, Buttons Sound stood out as the perfect collaborator for Estée Lauder’s post-COVID expansion into television, broadcast radio, and in-store radio. This ambitious initiative faced the challenges of tight delivery schedules and the need to produce multiple alternative scripts with no room for delays in distribution.


  • How Buttons Sound Responded


    Buttons Sound embraced the challenge with a bouquet of production innovations tailored to the constraints of the COVID-19 era. From hybrid sound production techniques to remote Pro Tools Systems control, the team ensured a seamless workflow. Casting decisions were made within hours, and options for music selection and client review were facilitated online. Anticipating sudden retail demands, additional sound production teams were trained to meet unexpected time constraints, showcasing Buttons Sound’s commitment to flexibility and adaptability.


    The Results


    Estée Lauder’s media content experienced a remarkable surge of 1000%, driven by effective customer responses to their specials. The in-house brand, Bowl and Basket, garnered increased consideration, solidifying its presence in the minds of consumers. The media team, leveraging Buttons Sound’s innovations, witnessed a substantial uptick in TV advertisements. The rapid responses to last-minute bookings, coupled with swift deliveries, showcased the effectiveness of the collaboration. Estée Lauder’s bold foray into expanded media outreach bore fruit, establishing a resonant connection with its audience and reinforcing its position as a leader in the beauty industry.

  • Conclusion

    In the realm of prestige beauty, where creativity meets innovation, Estée Lauder and Buttons Sound have harmonized to create a sonic landscape that captivatesaudiences globally. As the beauty giant continues to push boundaries, the collaboration stands as a testament to the power of sound in enhancing brand experiences and driving impactful customer engagement.

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