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Outline: Radio Production

Brand: ShopRite

Company: Wakefern Food Corporation

Industry: Food

Buyer Persona: Brand Producer / Writer / Director

Author: Rich Macar

Due Date: 12/2022

Publish Date: 11/1/23.


Elevating ShopRite’s Brand Presence through Innovative Radio Production

Casting, record, edit, stock music options, final delivery in 1 day.


  • ShopRite, a prominent American supermarket cooperative with a robust presence in six states, is at the forefront of the food industry. Nestled in Keasbey, New Jersey, ShopRite operates through Wakefern Food Corporation, overseeing 50 affiliates and 300 stores. In this dynamic landscape, the Saker family, with 40 ShopRite stores, leads the cooperative in Monmouth, Ocean, and Mercer counties.


Why ShopRite Chose Buttons Sound


  • After working with Buttons for over 20 years, ShopRite’s quest for expansion post-Covid led them back to the doorstep of Buttons Sound Inc., a revered name in NYC’s advertising scene for over three decades. Renowned for crafting innovative radio advertisements, Buttons Sound Inc. emerged as the ideal partner for ShopRite’s foray into television, broadcast radio, and in-store radio. The challenge was steep, with casting, short-term delivery dates, and the need for multiple alternative scripts awaiting final approval. Buttons Sound’s extensive audio post production Radio experience and innovative approach made them the perfect collaborator. Their 30+ years of expertise in sound advertising, coupled with a knack for navigating tight deadlines, propelled ShopRite’s expansion initiatives. Buttons Sound introduced pioneering production techniques, including hybrid sound production and remote Pro Tools Systems control. Casting, music selection, and client review are seamlessly integrated online, ensuring a streamlined process.


How Buttons Sound Responded

  • Buttons Sound not only met but exceeded expectations. In response to Covid-19 restrictions, they implemented cutting-edge production methodologies. Casting decisions were made within hours, and a range of music options was presented. The introduction of client review techniques online facilitated swift decision-making. Recognizing the unpredictable nature of retail demands, Buttons Sound also trained additional sound production teams, ensuring flexibility in accommodating sudden time constraints.


The Results

  • The collaboration with Buttons Sound proved transformative for ShopRite. Media content saw a staggering 400% increase, amplifying customer responses to specials and enhancing consideration for the in-house brand, Bowl and Basket. The television advertisements utilizing Buttons Sound’s innovations witnessed a surge, showcasing the effectiveness of rapid last-minute bookings and deliveries.In essence, the partnership between ShopRite and Buttons Sound not only met the challenges posed by tight deadlines and alternative scripts but also elevated ShopRite’s brand presence, fostering increased customer engagement and consideration.




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