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Buttons NY


Episodic Streaming Series Mix

6 one hour Streaming TV series final mix

  • Episodic Streaming Media Season 1: A Hollywood Odyssey

  • Company: Stephen David Entertainment

  • Industry: TV Entertainment

  • Buyer Persona: Entertainment Production Company

  • Author: Rich Macar

  • Due Date: 2022-2023


  • Streaming TV Docu-Series Stereo Mix

  • Embark on a journey through the golden age of Hollywood, where a group of first and second-generation Americans, seeking their own American Dream, converged on the arid coast of California. In this empire, the motion picture industry was born, transforming from low-brow entertainment to a global phenomenon. The battleground? Hollywood studios, featuring iconic figures like Louis B. Mayer, the Warner brothers, Charlie Chaplin, William Randolph Hearst, and Mary Pickford.




  • These were the men and women who clashed and conspired, fighting to hold their own on untested ground. The tensions between them literally ruined lives, while inspiring millions across the globe. Despite the bitter competition — or perhaps, because of it — Hollywood invented a new cultural identity for America.
  • Through the Great Depression, the rise of Hitler, and WWII… the country was reborn. And it all happened at the movies.


Stephen David Entertainment (SDE), a NYC-based production powerhouse with a penchant for event series and docu-series, faced the challenge of delivering two compelling Docu-Series almost simultaneously. The tight turnaround of 2 Docu-series projects of 8-10 weeks for 14 one-hour shows, complete with Sound Edit, Sound Design, and Sound Mix, demanded a partner with both experience and creative flexibility. Buttons, with its 30+ years of expertise, emerged as the ideal collaborator.


The Story of the Customer


Founded by Stephen David in 2010, SDE has carved a niche in high-end television production. Specializing in docudrama, documentary, and non-fiction, it boasts an impressive track record. However, when it comes to audio post, SDE relies on external partners, setting the stage for collaboration with Buttons Sound.


The Challenge and Opportunity


With a schedule as tight as the glitz of Hollywood, the challenge was not just meeting deadlines but also navigating unusual editorial demands. Buttons faced the task of adhering to FOX Nation’s approved audio post production variations while handling disorganized turnovers and evolving creative schedules. The challenge was not only technical but also organizational.


Buttons Sound’s Response


Buttons responded with a dedicated three-man team for technical setup and delivery, a skilled sound edit team for crafting audio magic, and a mixer with extensive experience. Daily meetings became the norm to tackle unforeseen issues arising from disorganized turnovers. To cope with the moving target of the creative schedule, a dedicated Dolby Mix Stage was assigned for urgent changes, re-conforms, re-edits, and remixing. A streamlined technical deliverable process ensured adaptability to constant changes post-picture lock.


The Results


In the face of these challenges, the Buttons audio post production team delivered 6 one-hour shows in 4 weeks, meeting airdate deadlines and clearing QC on the first submission. The Docu-series, “Titans:The Rise of Hollywood,” not only met expectations but soared to become Curiosity’s/Amazon Prime’s number one-watched series.

At Buttons Sound, pride is taken in treating customers’ projects as personal endeavors. Organized audio post production teams and abundant audio post facility resources are assigned to ensure nimbleness in the ever-changing audio post production delivery schedule, covering all contingencies for rapid turnarounds in the audio post production  experience.




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