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The mystery of the little black bag.

We have recorded Kevin Kline many times on different projects. We quickly got comfortable with the fact that he like to record with his shoes off. However, we recorded him for Jackie Chan’s movie, The Diary, and after the ADR recording, Kevin told us how incredibly organized the movie set was, and how helpers were everywhere helping including a wonderful assistant who always made sure Kevin’s character carried a little black bag. Because of the language barrier, and Kevin’s assumed cooperation, Kevin carried the bag, allowing that bag to further influence his character’s performance. After the shoot, Kevin mentioned to the prop person, that he did not realise his character was a doctor. And the prop person responded… “oh no, he is not a doctor” smiled and said thank you very much. Without further discussion, Kevin laffed at the fact that the prop person had no idea what a Doctor’s Bag looked like. 🙂

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