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How did Rich’s daughter meet Harry Potter?

Well, one day that day came to be…. when Buttons was scheduled to record Danielle Radcliffe for a full day for his film, “Jungle”.


Lilly just entered a new high school, and Dad told Lilly that Lilly is going to work with him for a special reason, and Lilly flipped out!… She got dressed to the nine, sat in Buttons Lobby, and nearly fainted, watching Harry Potter enter the lobby and walk passed her to the ADR studio. Dad had warned her that many stars can decide to avoid meeting fans, so she was prepared, but she mentioned later that seeing him that close was good enough.


However, she was not disappointed when her dad brought, the friendly, understanding, Danielle out of the studio on a break, to not just meet Lilly but put his arms around her to hug her, and take pictures with her. Lilly even got Harry coffee!


It was truly a great father-daughter moment that will be remembered forever…. in Dad’s memory of his little girl’s beautiful green eyes tearing with joy!


What a great great day!

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