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A letter was waiting for Henry’s arrival.

We got to record numerous talent ADR for HBO’s show, Barry. Most of the talent asked if we recorded Henry Winkler yet. They had such great sentiments about working with Henry which built our excitement to record Henry. Then the day came that Henry was scheduled and later that same day, Sarah Goldberg came to Buttons to record some of her ADR, and she was so excited that she asked if she could leave a note for Henry. We accepted and experienced Henry’s great joy in reading her wonderful note. And it was obvious that Henry’s personality effects everyone on the set. And even Henry’s wife was such a joy to meet. I love seeing strong Hollywood marriages, which are rare these days. Especially since I am celebrating 35 years of marriage myself.   …. sincerely, Rich

Buttons Records ADR of Sarah Goldberg and Henry Winkler, for the HBO new hit show “BARRY” featuring Bill Hader. Buttons Connects with Sony Studios in LA on Source Connect.

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