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Buttons NY

“Sonic branding is an opportunity for a brand's sonic asset, leading to a sonic brand DNA in its sonic brand ecosystem. A sound design is the opportunity to create sonic brand memories that are accepted as very real, though carefully fabricated, without the aim of being real. Once a customer associates the sonic asset to a brand, 73% remember the association without any visual memory.”

Sonic Branding Agency & Sound Design

At Buttons Sound Inc., we take pride in being NYC’s leading sonic branding agency, where precision meets creativity and innovation thrives. Our expert team provides various audio branding services tailored to the entertainment industry’s diverse needs. Whether you require sound design, mixing, or mastering, our sound design studio is your comprehensive solution for impeccable audio enhancement and exceptional sound quality.

Audio Branding Agency: An Overview

In the realm of audio branding, an audio branding company, also known as a sound design company, specializes in crafting unique sonic identities for brands. This process, known as sonic branding, involves creating distinctive soundscapes and audio logos that enhance brand recognition and emotional connection with audiences. Audio branding, or sound branding, is an essential tool for modern businesses looking to differentiate themselves in a crowded market.

Audio editing services provided by a sonic design studio are tailored to ensure that every auditory element aligns perfectly with the brand’s message and identity. From sound design to final audio post-mixing, these services are crucial for producing cohesive and impactful audio experiences that resonate with the target audience.

The expertise of a sonic branding studio in sound branding is invaluable to establish a strong auditory presence and connect with a brand’s audience.

Sonic Branding Portfolio

Digital Campaign Sonic Package

Voice Casting, Record, Edit, Music Curation, Sound Design, Mix

Radio Campaign Sonic Package

Voice Casting, Record, Edit, Music Curation, Sound Design, Mix

Radio Campaign Sonic Package

Voice Casting, record, edit, sound design, music curation, mix

Our Services

Sonic Testing Partner

We are partnered with Veritonic for comprehensive sonic testing, ensuring your audio products meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

Sound DNA Offering

Discover our unique Sound DNA offering, delivering custom-tailored audio solutions that reflect the essence and identity of your brand.

  • Sound Logo
  • Brand Voice
  • Custom Soundtracks
  • Music Productions
  • Sound Interfaces UX/UI
  • Event Sounds
  • On Hold Soundtracks

Sound Eco System

Integrate seamlessly into our sound ecosystem, designed to provide cohesive, high-quality audio experiences across all your projects and platforms.

  • Digital Channels
  • TV & Radio
  • Mobile Apps
  • Product Interfaces
  • Brand Events
  • Store & Showrooms
  • Fairs & Exhibitions
  • Customer Support
  • Corporate Workplace

Why Choose Buttons Sound Inc.?

1. Evolution from Analog to Digital
We’ve transitioned from traditional analog recording, using top analog equipment in New York City’s best audio post facilities, to embracing advanced digital technologies. These advancements enable us to employ sophisticated spotting and cueing systems, enhancing our ability to deliver flawless audio recordings for various media productions.
2. Worldwide Reputation
Our expertise in sonic branding has earned us a global reputation as leaders in the field. From independent projects to blockbuster studio films featuring renowned celebrities, leading branding supervisors trust us to meet their demanding schedules with precision and professionalism.
3. Innovation in Remote Access
We’ve pioneered remote access and control software applications, leveraging the most respected internet recording technologies. These innovations ensure seamless recording processes, even when working remotely.

At Buttons Sound Inc., we’re dedicated to pushing the boundaries of sound branding technology and delivering unparalleled results for our clients. Choose us for your sonic branding needs and experience the difference with our expertise and innovation.

Recent Sonic Branding Agency & Sound Design Projects