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When Rich’s Daughter Met Harry Potter: A Magical Encounter at Buttons Studios

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Well, one day that day came to be.... when Buttons was scheduled to record Danielle Radcliffe for a full day for his film, “Jungle”.


The day every Harry Potter fan dreams of finally arrived at Buttons Studios. It was the day Daniel Radcliffe, the wizarding world’s favorite, was scheduled for a full-day recording session for his film, “Jungle.”

Rich’s daughter, a devoted Harry Potter aficionado, had always expressed her wish to meet the magical star if her dad ever worked with him. Little did she know that fate had something enchanting in store.


Fresh into a new high school chapter, Lilly received the surprise of a lifetime. Dad shared the news that he would be working with him for a special reason, and Lilly couldn’t contain her excitement.As Harry Potter himself, Daniel Radcliffe, strolled into the lobby on his way to the ADR studio, Lilly nearly fainted with joy.Yet, the story doesn’t end there. Lilly’s enchantment reached new heights when her dad, in a moment of pure magic, brought Daniel out of the studio during a break. Not only did she get to meet him, but he also wrapped her in a warm hug and posed for pictures. And, to add a sprinkle of sweetness to the encounter, Lilly even got to play the role of a magical barista, fetching Harry a cup of coffee.




  • It was a truly enchanting father-daughter moment, etched into the memories of both Rich and Lilly. The joy in Lilly’s beautiful green eyes as she experienced this magical encounter with Harry Potter is a snapshot of a great, great day at Buttons Studios—one that will be remembered forever in the tale of a fan and a magical hug.

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