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Project: Discover Card | The Talking Frog

Client: MCD



Buttons was approached with a challenge. A Discover Card agency concept included a talking frog. Rich said ”heck yeah… let’s do it!”

So Rich proceeded to explore every technical option that could provide options as sound design. However we also pursued a casting of nearly 200 contestants. And low and behold, while sitting with the CD, it happened. The frog spoke. From our very Recording studio… the frog spoke… and the CD, Rob said to Rich… “…I think we found our talking frog”… hahahaha”… so tell ya what you think? Buttons went on to handle the editorial as well and it was received so well by Discover Card that we ended up delivering an actual commercial version as well…




Casting: John Boyle: ButtonsNY

Editorial: Alan Morris: ButtonsNY

Sound: Rich Macar: ButtonsNY

Color: Tim Hedden: ButtonsNY