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10 Independent Booths with Pro Tools Systems

  • OUTLINE: Hybrid Theatre Production

  • Company: Next Chapter Podcasts

  • Industry: Theatre Entertainment

  • Buyer Persona: Hybrid Theatrical Podcast Production Company

  • Author: Rich Macar

  • Due Date: 2022-2023


  • Revolutionizing Hybrid Theatre Podcast Production:

  • A Next Chapter Success Story


  • In the dynamic world of theatre entertainment, Next Chapter Podcasts has emerged as a trailblazer, dedicated to the art of original and authentic storytelling. The journey with Next Chapter led to an impactful collaboration with Buttons Sound Inc., marking a significant chapter in hybrid theatrical podcast production.
  •  Click here to see pictures, floor plan and more.
  • Buttons went on to set up these rooms for Next Chapter to begin recording their Shakespeare Hybrid Theatrical projects for “Play on Podcasts”. Two key components were the option that next Chapter could save costs by using their remote recording equipment as well as the comfortable isolated acoustic space design, for their 4.5 hours daily records.
  • The Story of the Customer

  • Michael Goodfriend

    Head of Script

    At the helm of Next Chapter is Michael Goodfriend, Head of Script, whose illustrious career includes pioneering work with E! TV, AOL, Air America Radio, and Sirius XM Radio. Michael’s unique blend of experience, coupled with his keen appreciation for creativity and technical support, made him an ideal partner for Buttons Sound. His vision for large-scale ambitions in hybrid theatrical production aligned seamlessly with Buttons Sound’s forward-thinking approach to audio post production, as evidenced in our newest 10 booth audio post capture facility..

  • The Challenge and Opportunity

  • Next Chapter sought to elevate the audio post production quality and efficiency of their podcasts, presenting a challenge and an opportunity to produce higher-tier content while optimizing costs. The unique setup involved talent on-site, with producers and directors working remotely, connected through Zoom in separate recording booths and from various locations.


  • Why Next Chapter Chose Buttons Sound.

  • Michael recognized Buttons Sound as a forward-thinking audio post partner ready to tackle ADR dubbing challenges head-on. The relocation to a new facility offering 10 Acoustic Systems recording booths further solidified Buttons Sound as the strongest audio post production partner. The synergy between the two entities laid the foundation for a partnership that would drive audio post innovation in hybrid theatrical audio podcast production.


  • Buttons Sound’s Response

  • From the initial meeting, Buttons Sound demonstrated a commitment to overcoming audio post production challenges and budgetary constraints. Innovations included visual monitoring, extra headphone monitoring options, and the implementation of Dante Technology and Pro Tools systems for audio routing and remote communications. A dedicated project technician was assigned to navigate technical issues, ensuring a smooth process. Buttons expanded to VoxPodNYC, introducing technical setups, Dante routing technology, and 10 Pro Tools systems included with booths.


  • The Results

  • The collaboration bore fruit as Next Chapter utilized Buttons Sound’s audio post production innovations to produce Shakespeare plays, garnering numerous Signal awards in October 2023. Plans for 6-8 hybrid theatrical productions in 2024 are in the pipeline, leveraging the state-of-the-art facilities at the new Buttons Sound location.



  • This month our talent recordings for Netflix can be heard in LEO

  • From historical audio post production achievements like ADR dubbing the original Pokemon to the latest venture with Adam Sandler’s “LEO,” released on Netflix in November 2023, Buttons Sound continues to redefine audio post production in NYC.
  • With a star-studded cast and groundbreaking crew, the film exemplifies the magic created at Buttons Sound, establishing it as NYC’s First Audio Capture Facility.
  • The invitation is extended to join the impressive customer roster, which includes renowned names like Jason Alexander, Cicely Strong, and Adam Sandler. As Buttons Sound pushes the boundaries of audio post production innovation, the ADR dubbing journey continues, creating on-screen magic that transcends the realms of entertainment.

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