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NETFLIX Adam Sandler’s “LEO” and Buttons Sound

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Get ready for a behind-the-scenes look at Adam Sandler’s Netflix movie, “LEO.”

Recorded over two years at Buttons Sound in NYC and directed by Robert Smigel, this film promises a fun and memorable experience.


Meet the Cast:


“LEO” features a fantastic cast including Adam Sandler, Jason Alexander, Cecily Strong, Rob Schneider, Heidi Gardner, Nick Swardson, Nicholas Turturro, Jo Koy, Stephanie Hsu, and Robert Smigel. The film showcases the comedic talent of these actors, making it a must-watch.


What Buttons Sound Brings:

Buttons Sound, the largest audio post production studio in New York City, played a crucial role in bringing “LEO” to life. With top-notch facilities such as 10 recording booths and a skilled team, Buttons Sound captured every audio detail to make the film’s audio shine.


Happy Madison Productions Touch:

As a Happy Madison Productions film, “LEO” not only features Adam Sandler but also includes his wife, Jackie Sandler, and their daughters in key roles, adding a family-oriented touch to the project.





Unsung Heroes: The Crew at Buttons Sound:


While actors take the spotlight, it’s essential to recognize the crew behind the scenes. Buttons Sound’s commitment to excellence and their ability to create a top quality audio experience significantly contributed to the success of “LEO.”

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