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  • OUTLINE: Crafting Sonic Excellence: Elevating Indie Films with Buttons Sound

  • Company: Indie Film Makers

  • Industry: Film Entertainment

  • Buyer Persona: Indie Film Production Company

  • Author: Rich Macar

  • Due Date: 2022-2023


  • Indie Film Sound & Finishing Packages




Indie filmmakers are a breed of unique and passionate creators with a compelling voice and cause. They embark on their filmmaking journey with unwavering dedication, often leaping before looking. Yet, it is precisely this fearless pursuit that makes indie filmmakers indispensable. In the bustling landscape of New York City, Buttons Sound Inc. has stood as a beacon for indie filmmakers seeking to complete their cinematic masterpieces. With an array of experiences spanning decades, Buttons Sound shares insights gained from collaborating on three recent indie films, shedding light on the challenges and triumphs that shape the indie film industry.




The Story of the Indie Film Maker

Indie filmmakers possess a focused vision, even as their practical experience may be limited. They comprehend their films but may miss the audience’s audio post production perspective. Recognizing the critical role audio post sound plays in the audience’s experience, Buttons Sound emphasizes the importance of engaging with an audio post-house before filming begins. Beyond sound, Buttons Sound offers expertise in VFX, color grading, and online finishing. The future’s renowned directors were once indie filmmakers, and Buttons Sound positions itself as a vital ally in this creative journey.



The Challenge and Opportunities



Sound presents both a challenge and an opportunity for indie filmmakers. The technical challenges, including audio post ADR and Foley, find solutions in sound design, music editing, and the final surround cinema mix. Buttons Sound acknowledges the pivotal role of dialogue and voiceovers as anchors in any mix, utilizing ADR dubbing to add nuanced elements like reactions and breathing. The team often rebuilds entire soundscapes, recognizing that audiences decide to continue to watch a film based on its sound before the visuals. Sound quality becomes the defining factor in determining the overall film quality for the audience. And it is a bit of a secret, as noted many years ago, that audio post production sound is Hollywood’s Secret.








Buttons Sound’s Response

Buttons Sound approaches each film as a unique entity, allowing the film itself to guide the sound design process talking to our sound supervisors. Engaging in extensive discussions with directors, the team delves into the films they admire, seeking to understand the director’s vision. Innovative processes are introduced to reduce costs and maximize opportunities to enhance an indie films’ quality. By aligning with the filmmaker’s vision, Buttons Sound ensures a tailored and superior audio post production experience.



The Results

The impact of Buttons Sound’s contribution reverberates through the success stories of indie filmmakers. Festival winnings and unexpected distributor acquisitions, such as FilmRise, underscore the profound difference audio post production sound quality makes. Film distributors consistently emphasize that audio post production sound is the deciding factor for indie films. Buttons Sound takes pride in treating each project as a personal endeavor, organizing nimble teams to adapt to the dynamic audio post-delivery schedule. The commitment to excellence is evident in the swift turnaround of the audio post production-online experience, ensuring that indie filmmakers’ visions are not only realized but elevated to the highest audio post production standards.





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