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Episodic Broadcast Series Season 1

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8 one hour broadcast TV series, Sound Edit, Sound Design, Stereo Mix, Technical Global Deliverables

  • Episodic Broadcast Series Season 1: Navigating the Audio Odyssey

  • Company: Stephen David Entertainment

  • Industry: TV Entertainment

  • Buyer Persona: Entertainment Production Company

  • Author: Rich Macar

  • Due Date: 2022-2023


  • Streaming TV Docu-Series Stereo Mix


Stephen David Entertainment (SDE), a NYC-based production powerhouse, stands at the forefront of event series, docu-series, and select scripted shows. With projects gracing networks like History, HGTV, I.D., Travel Channel, TLC, and National Geographic, SDE carved its path in the world of high-end television production.


The Story of the Customer


Stephen David Entertainment, crafted by Stephen David in 2010, became a leader in high-end television production. Nestled in the heart of Manhattan, SDE specializes in docudrama, documentary, non-fiction, and selected scripted series. While boasting an in-house post department, audio post production was a domain outside their in-house expertise.


The Challenge and Opportunity


Faced with the challenge of delivering two Docu-Series almost simultaneously, SDE sought an audio post production partner for the turnaround of 14 one-hour shows within 8-10 weeks. This encompassed Sound Edit, Sound Design, and Sound Mix, with intricate technical deliverables aligning with global streaming standards. A second round of QC from Stephen David’s holding company, Banijay, added an extra layer of complexity.


Buttons Sound’s Response


To tackle the intricate demands, Buttons Sound embarked on a creative journey with a 3-man team dedicated to audio post production technical setup and delivery, a Sound Edit team for meticulous sound design, and a seasoned rerecording mixer for the audio post mix magic. Daily meetings became a cornerstone to navigate unforeseen challenges arising from disorganized turnovers, documentation pitfalls, and the moving target of the creative schedule. A Dolby Mix Stage was exclusively dedicated to the project, ensuring readiness for urgent changes, re-conforms, re-edits, and re-mixing.


The Results


In the face of these challenges, the Buttons team delivered 14 one-hour shows in 8 weeks, meeting airdate deadlines and clearing QC on the first submission. The Docu-series, “American Dynasty,” not only met expectations but soared to become Fox Nation’s number one-watched series, paving the way for a season 2.

At Buttons Sound, pride is taken in treating customers’ projects as personal endeavors. Organized teams and abundant resources are assigned to ensure nimbleness in the ever-changing audio post production delivery schedule, covering all contingencies for rapid turnarounds in the audio post production  experience.

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