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Buttons NY

“A great mix is a Maker of gain, and room reference level as to the Fletcher Munson curve. These facts determine dialogue level, foley sensiMvity, sound effects impact and music Emotionality.”

Audio Post Production

At Buttons Sound Inc., we pride ourselves on being NYC’s top audio post production studio, where accuracy merges with artistry and innovation flourishes. Our expert team offers various audio post-production services tailored to the entertainment industry’s varied requirements. Whether you need sound design, mixing, or mastering, our studio is your comprehensive solution for flawless audio enhancement and superior sound quality.

Audio Post Production: An Overview

Post production for audio is a critical process in the creation of high-quality sound for film and TV. It involves various techniques and services to enhance and perfect the audio elements of a production. This process can significantly improve the overall sound quality and impact of a scene.

In the early days of film, it involved laborious methods like physically cutting and splicing film loops. Over time, this evolved into a more sophisticated process carried out in specialized studios. As an audio post-production company, we offer a range of audio post-production services, including sound design, editing, and audio post mixing. These services ensure that every audio aspect, from dialogue to sound effects, is meticulously crafted and integrated into the final product.

Audio post production for film typically takes place in professional studios equipped with advanced technology. The process often involves multiple takes, with the best version selected for the final edit. During these sessions, actors may perform their lines without viewing the footage, while the director or audio professionals oversee the process to ensure quality results.

In summary, audio post-production services are an essential component of modern filmmaking. It provides the tools and expertise needed to create exceptional audio that enhances the viewer’s experience.

Our Services

Dialogue Editing

Precise editing ensures clear, seamless dialogue transitions, maintaining the natural flow and emotional impact of conversations in your project.

Dialogue Denoise

Eliminate unwanted background noise from dialogue recordings for crisp, clean, and professional audio quality that enhances listener engagement.

Dialogue ADR Spotting / Recording / Editing

Seamlessly spot, record, and edit Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR) for flawless synchronization and natural-sounding dialogue in post-production.

Sound Effects Backgrounds Editing

Enhance your project’s atmosphere with meticulously edited background sound effects that provide depth and realism to each scene.

Sound Effects Events Editing

Create dynamic, impactful scenes with expertly edited event sound effects, ensuring every action sounds authentic and engaging.

Sound Design Fights, Crashes, Monsters, Syfy, Horror

Craft immersive soundscapes for fights, crashes, monsters, sci-fi, and horror scenes, adding intensity and excitement to your story.

Music Editing

Perfectly edit and align music to match the tone and timing of your project, enhancing emotional resonance and narrative flow.

Foley Recording and Editing

Record and edit high-quality Foley sounds to match on-screen actions, providing a natural and immersive auditory experience.

Broadcast / 5.1 Dolby Surround Mixing

Deliver immersive audio experiences with expert 5.1 Dolby Surround mixing, ensuring your project sounds incredible on any broadcast platform.

LTRT Downmixing Deliverable

Create precise LTRT downmix deliverables, ensuring compatibility and optimal sound quality for stereo playback from multi-channel audio sources.

Why Choose Buttons Sound Inc.?

Explore why our ADR recording studio is the premier choice for your production needs:

1. Evolution from Analog to Digital
We’ve transitioned from traditional analog recording, using top analog equipment in New York City’s best audio post facilities, to embracing advanced digital technologies. These advancements enable us to employ sophisticated spotting and cueing systems, enhancing our ability to deliver flawless audio recordings for various media productions.
2. Worldwide Reputation

Our expertise in audio post production has earned us a global reputation as leaders in the field. From independent projects to blockbuster studio films featuring renowned celebrities, leading post-production supervisors trust us to meet their demanding finishing schedules with precision and professionalism.

3. Innovation in Remote Access

We’ve pioneered remote access and control software applications, leveraging the most respected internet recording technologies. This innovation ensures seamless recording processes, even when working remotely while maintaining the highest quality standards with our state-of-the-art recording equipment.

At Buttons Sound Inc., we’re dedicated to pushing the boundaries of technology and delivering unparalleled results for our clients. Choose us for your audio post production needs and experience the difference with our expertise and innovation.

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